Major Design Change

Well this blog is only a few days old but I’ve done a big redesign with a new theme. Why? Well it’s kinda funny. I helped a friend get his new blog up and rolling with WordPress. And wouldn’t ya know, out of the millions of themes out there, he settled on the same one I was using. 😛 Matt you’re a punk.

But instead of really drastically altering that theme, I just decided to choose another one and start poking around the code. I’m not a pro at CSS, which makes editing WordPress themes quite a challenge for me. But I hacked together some code from several different themes, plus some guess-and-check coding, and got a few things working that weren’t in the original theme. (Getting the comments code working so it didn’t look like crap was a nightmare.) I’ve still got a few bugs to work out, but if you notice anything broken let me know!

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