So I got a Kindle, and have been reading a heck of a lot more than I have in recent memory. Probably more than I have since middle school, when I constantly was reading some Dragonlance novel or something along those lines.

I first started out by reading The Maze Runner trilogy. It was a decent series, although the ending of the third novel (The Death Cure) certainly had a few missing pieces that just drive the reader crazy. There’s a prequel coming out that might help clear things up, or it might just make you even more annoyed by the ending of The Death Cure.

But The Maze Runner is usually mentioned in the same breath as The Hunger Games, which shares it’s dystopian future society themes.  And so with all the recent buzz about it, and the movie (which came out yesterday), earlier this week I began reading this book.  So far so good, although if you held up Maze Runner and Hunger Games to each other, the former focuses much more on action, puzzle solving and combat, while the latter focuses much more on romance, fashion, and descriptions of food.  Not to say there isn’t a lot of crossover of some of these topics among both.

I’m hoping to finish the book today, then maybe it’ll be off to the movies tonight!