Halloween Horror Films 2010

Every year around Halloween I go a little nuts about horror films. This year was no different, as I had a few different horror movies playing about every night in October. These are some of the ones I watched this year. Sure some of these aren’t “horror” but they are seasonal at least. 🙂

Trick ‘r Treat (2007)

Kill Theory (2009)

The Willies (1991)

Body Bags (1993)

Ernest Scared Stupid (1991)

The Monster Squad (1987)

Summer Explosion Movies

There are 3 movies coming out this summer with the same basic plot. A good band of commandos vs a bad band of commandos. Nothing original, but really, who watches these movies for original plots? NOBODY! So which of these films will be The Prestige and which will be The Illusionist?

The Losers

The A-Team

The Expendibles

Personally, I won’t bet against the star power of The Expendibles, but the other two movies don’t look like slouches either. Should be a fun (and loud) summer!

My Official Spoiler to Star Trek

Note: not really a spoiler.

No, Jeri Ryan does not appear in Star Trek 2009.

(No, Jeri Ryan does not appear in Star Trek 2009.)

scott (3:58:47 PM): finally watched star trek
luke (3:59:09 PM): what’d you think?
scott (3:59:10 PM): it was pretty good
scott (3:59:19 PM): here’s my synopsis:
scott (3:59:22 PM): kirk gets beat up
scott (3:59:27 PM): then he gets beat up more
scott (3:59:34 PM): and then, in a new twist, he gets beat up again
scott (3:59:50 PM): finally, somebody beats up kirk
scott (3:59:52 PM): the end

To be honest I really did like the new Trek.  I think it was full of action, gave a lot of nods to the original series in good ways, and hopefully points this franchise in the right direction.  The casting was great for the most part… the new Chekov and Sulu were a lot of fun to watch.  I thought Simon Pegg was trying a bit too hard to emulate James Doohan, but he was certainly tolerable.  And of course Kirk and Spock were pretty much what you’d expect.  I really don’t think Nero was given enough back story to ever feel like the ultimate villain, and he in no way surpassed Khan.  But otherwise, the movie felt like a great success and breathed new life into the Star Trek story.