Movin On 2009 at Penn State

Long time no update, so here we go with a few pictures from Movin On, Penn State’s spring concert from earlier today. It was cold as balls so I didn’t stick around the whole 11 hours or so of the show but I did catch the earlier bands Acalasia and One Downtown Avenue, and the last band, the Spill Canvas, who headlined. They were really good live, despite the weather.

The Spill Canvas at Penn State

Night with the Bucks

I had a relatively crazy night last night, with a good friend of mine from high school and then college who was in town to see his little brother at a track and field thing. We started out at Zeno’s, met up with some folks at Allen Street Grill, then some other people at the Rathskeller. I tried shooting a bit of the band at the Skeller but I really need more experience if I’m going to find success shooting in those conditions. From there we headed to a commune near campus where the basement was packed to the brim, and a jam band was playing. Fun stuff. See more in the gallery.

I loveded you piggy. I loveded you.

My new camera is here and I’ve been poking through the manual for a while. But in reality I just need the weather to stop being so shitty so I can get out and use it. That’s the only way I’m really gonna figure out what all these features mean. Until then, I can just shoot dumb stuff like this:

Piggy by ~scotttopic on deviantART

I saw this band Acalasia play two shows yesterday.. one was an acoustic set they were doing in the Hot Topic at the mall, then later in town at the Brewery. They’re really good. Krystal, the singer, has a lot of energy and a great voice. So they actually have another show tomorrow.. depending on the weather I might check it out. And bring the camera! 😛