Karate and a Cool Breeze

I totally was going to hit up the Tae Kwon Do class on campus today. And I totally had the wrong room. I show up a half hour before class and a Ballroom Dancing class is in full session in the room I thought I had to go to, with 100+ couples dancing salsa.

I always wanted to take that class. It’s actually the single most popular gen ed class on the Penn State campus. But I never had the combination of being an upper classman (to be able to schedule such a popular class) and having a girlfriend who attended Penn State at the same time. Sad, I know.

But Tae Kwon Do meets as a club and it’s open to staff like me. I’m not certain if I will do TKD or Tang Soo Do, my old school (which I’m hoping to hit up tomorrow night). But today I was all ready and willing to go do some front kicks in the dojang. And I got confused on the room. Gah!

But despite it all, today had a amazing freak autumn coolness to it. It almost smelled like fall, with the cool breeze on your skin and a comforting chill that I always associate to one autumn, many years ago… the most vivid, important and beautiful time of my life. Certain cool autumn winds take me there.

For a moment.