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i’ve got a ton of blogs and the like.  so i figured i’d finally combine all the various crap into a more unified site.  so voila.  i’ve used the name scott topic online for several years, ever since my friend Natalie started calling me that on the work schedule when i first worked at hot topic.

so about me..  as of right now i’m 27, living outside of State College where I work at Penn State doing IT Support.  i’m hoping to move this year, at least into State College.

i am into a lot of music, which fluctuates between emo, indie and techno usually.  but i listen to a lot of different music.  you might see me listening to pop or country or classical music on NPR just as often as you’ll find me listening to Thursday and the Get Up Kids.

i’m a gamer, and if i don’t have anything better to do you’ll probably find me on xbox live or on wow.  it’s a good time killer/life killer but it drives me nuts sometimes.

apart from that stuff though i’m mostly just your average geeky guy.  i suppose tech is my art.  hopefully i can showcase some of that stuff here.  for now i’m gonna work on tidying up this blog theme a bit.

5 thoughts on “new blog…

  1. Ha, what stinks is…I’ve had scottopic (2 T’s) for years and because people always wanted to spell it with 3, I kept meaning to buy this domain…but you got it first!
    Ah well 🙂 good luck with it!

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