A Trip to the Hospital

Yes I was at the hospital today. No it wasn’t any emergency, just running a test for a problem I had a few months ago. It hadn’t reoccurred, and the test came back clear. But wow this test was an ordeal. Suffice to say, I now hate jello.

I played a bunch of Left4Dead over the past weekend and I must say, this is a must buy game if you’re into cheesy Zombie movies. It’s like they took the psychotic, fast running zombies of 28 Days Later and put them in the environments of a Romero movie. You have to work as a team (which is a challenge when you don’t have 4 humans playing, and have to use computer teammates) as you face insane numbers of zombies. Way fun.

I took off tomorrow and am not sure exactly what I’ll be doing. something relaxing. and jello free.

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