Night with the Bucks

I had a relatively crazy night last night, with a good friend of mine from high school and then college who was in town to see his little brother at a track and field thing. We started out at Zeno’s, met up with some folks at Allen Street Grill, then some other people at the Rathskeller. I tried shooting a bit of the band at the Skeller but I really need more experience if I’m going to find success shooting in those conditions. From there we headed to a commune near campus where the basement was packed to the brim, and a jam band was playing. Fun stuff. See more in the gallery.

I loveded you piggy. I loveded you.

My new camera is here and I’ve been poking through the manual for a while. But in reality I just need the weather to stop being so shitty so I can get out and use it. That’s the only way I’m really gonna figure out what all these features mean. Until then, I can just shoot dumb stuff like this:

Piggy by ~scotttopic on deviantART

I saw this band Acalasia play two shows yesterday.. one was an acoustic set they were doing in the Hot Topic at the mall, then later in town at the Brewery. They’re really good. Krystal, the singer, has a lot of energy and a great voice. So they actually have another show tomorrow.. depending on the weather I might check it out. And bring the camera! 😛

Self Imposed Exile

I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I am not going to be able to move next year. Well, “able” may not technically be the correct word.. surprisingly the appropriate term may be “willing”. For one thing I just can’t justify the costs of living in town compared to my current situation. It’s a dramatic difference. I crunched some numbers, and estimated I could make a round trip to Europe for the difference in rent. Every month. It seems just silly to blow that money on something other than amazing trips.

(Ok so I’m reading On the Road so I’m becoming inclined to think in these terms.)

I’m trying to make the most of it though. Last weekend I began a massive Monk style cleaning campaign in my place. I through out a closet’s worth of junk, with a lot more to come. (Speaking of which, I’ve got a weight bench I’m looking to get rid of. It’s in fine shape, and I like having it around, but it just takes up too much room in my little place. If you want it, let me know.) Then hopefully will come some redecorating. In the end, I’m just trying to make this current place less annoying to me.

Tonight, in yet another attempt to escape the black hole of Bellefonte, I’m heading out to Indigo with some work friends tonight. And meeting up with another friend for dinner before that at the Corner Room. Anything to get me out of my apartment.

Apology Accepted, Captain Needa

There are 3 kinds of people in the world. People who don’t apologize enough, people who apologize too much, and people who have found the right balance in between. I think I might be in the too much camp. Which must be better than the not enough camp. It must be a desire to avoid confrontations, or alleviate tensions, or maybe a guilty conscious, but I definitely can be quick to pour out apologies for things that sometimes I really had no control over. Is there really a problem with too many apologies?

Like anything, if you say it too much it loses meaning. And when you really do fuck things up, it’s good to know that the person receiving your apology will truly believe you, and not simply think you are just repeating the same old lines.

But you aren’t any better to hold back apologies. I think apologies show compassion for the other person. Refusing to apologize for something that offends is only fueling the fires.

So I guess the best thing to do is save your apologies for the times you need them, but always do it genuinely.

“Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so you apologize for truth.” -Benjamin Disraeli

Super Bowl Sunday 2009

And I couldn’t care less! For those who don’t know me personally, I am a huge sports fan. I follow baseball and football relentlessly. And yet, this year, the Super Bowl has absolutely no appeal to me. The reason of course being that I’m an Eagles fan. And a Penn State Eagles fan at that.

Being right in the center of the state, Penn State Eagles fans have the unique position in Pennsylvania of being surrounded by about an equal number of Philly sports fans and Pittsburgh sports fans. Neither in Philadelphia nor in Pittsburgh is the rivalry between the two towns as apparent as it is right here in the middle of the state. And so, with the Steelers being in the Super Bowl, I find it difficult to root for them.

And yet, on the other hand, the Cardinals are the team who knocked out my beloved Eagles. So I’m not sure how I could root for them either.

So I’ll watch the Super Bowl tonight on principal. But I won’t like it.