I’ve got a few different blogs out there and they should all be syncing the same posts.  The reasoning behind that is if my own site ( goes down some day, my posts (although perhaps not all of my images) would be stored somewhere at least.  This is a post to test this stuff out.  And perhaps my favorite GIF of all time.


Xbox Lab Rat


For the last 3.5+ hours my Xbox has been running the Xbox Live Labs network test. It supposedly gives an avatar award once you complete each test.  I’ve completed the first two, just have to let it run the last test a total of six hours…

It’s kinda shitty but if it leads to a better Live experience I’m down.


long ago, in the days of livejournal, i used to post all the time. to be fair, it was usually some longwinded emo post or song lyrics but there was occasionally substance.

real substance.

like funny youtube shit.

this guy is freaking amazing. i didn’t know a classical guitar could sound like this.