long ago, in the days of livejournal, i used to post all the time. to be fair, it was usually some longwinded emo post or song lyrics but there was occasionally substance.

real substance.

like funny youtube shit.

this guy is freaking amazing. i didn’t know a classical guitar could sound like this.

Blow Kisses, Not Coke

While I do go out for a drink now and then, I am not into drugs nor do I find it attractive when people gloat on and on about drugs, or how completely shitfaced they got the other night or any of that. That being said, I do find this iPhone app mildly amusing. I am somewhat surprised Apple has let this one slide, seeing as though they’ve been pretty authoritarian in preventing questionable apps from making it onto their device.

The iSnort:

Japanese Game Shows

If there’s one thing Japan has brought us apart from delicious food, ninjas and dvd players, it is some of the funniest gameshows ever.  While we in America are stuck with drivel like American Idol or Who Wants to be a Millionaire, they get gameshows like this:

Human Slip N Slide:

Don’t Ram the Boobs:

He’s a loser. But isn’t he also a winner?