Spook Fest 2011 – Movie 10 – Death of a Ghost Hunter

This movie was half good, and half atrocious.  You see, I liked the story.  A guy inherited an old house and he hires a Paranormal Investigator to check it out and determine if the rumors of it being haunted are true.  You see, a horrible series of murders took place in the house 20 years prior, and ever since it’s been full of hauntings.  Only a cleaning lady goes in anymore, and she only goes in once a month and leaves as quickly as she can.

The Paranormal Investigator wants to work alone but the owner of the house also hired a camera man and a local reporter to stick with her over a few days.  And of course, weird, terrible things happen to these people.

But the problem with the movie isn’t really the writing or the story or even the dialog, which isn’t that great btw.  It’s just the delivery of the actors.  It’s so awkward and unnatural, for the entire movie.  At no point did they sound comfortable or at all believable, and it just takes away from the movie.  There is some awkward nudity that comes out of nowhere.  And it has a bit of a twist ending, if that’s possible with this movie that tells you the ending in the title.

3 pumpkins out of 5

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