My Official Spoiler to Star Trek

Note: not really a spoiler.

No, Jeri Ryan does not appear in Star Trek 2009.

(No, Jeri Ryan does not appear in Star Trek 2009.)

scott (3:58:47 PM): finally watched star trek
luke (3:59:09 PM): what’d you think?
scott (3:59:10 PM): it was pretty good
scott (3:59:19 PM): here’s my synopsis:
scott (3:59:22 PM): kirk gets beat up
scott (3:59:27 PM): then he gets beat up more
scott (3:59:34 PM): and then, in a new twist, he gets beat up again
scott (3:59:50 PM): finally, somebody beats up kirk
scott (3:59:52 PM): the end

To be honest I really did like the new Trek.  I think it was full of action, gave a lot of nods to the original series in good ways, and hopefully points this franchise in the right direction.  The casting was great for the most part… the new Chekov and Sulu were a lot of fun to watch.  I thought Simon Pegg was trying a bit too hard to emulate James Doohan, but he was certainly tolerable.  And of course Kirk and Spock were pretty much what you’d expect.  I really don’t think Nero was given enough back story to ever feel like the ultimate villain, and he in no way surpassed Khan.  But otherwise, the movie felt like a great success and breathed new life into the Star Trek story.

Philadelphia Union!

Philadelphia Union

The team won’t officially announce it’s name and logo until May 11th, but the internet has already uncovered the identity of the new Philadelphia soccer team! The Philadelphia Union, hearkening back to the famous “Join or Die” political cartoon by Ben Franklin. I am so totally excited about this.

sccaflagger74 from the Big Soccer Forums posted these screenshots he got from an apparel shop that accidentally put some Union gear on sale. It looks like they have really captured the tradition of the city and it’s importance (notice the 13 stars), without falling on the old standby of the liberty bell. This is a great logo, and the name just works. I had originally really expected them to go with AC Philadelphia, but this whole combination sure exceeds my expectations.

Logo Close Up

I get the feeling this site was not supposed to put this merchandise on sale yet. It’s since been removed from the site. Woops!

Union Logo

The scarves look fantastic!

Union Scarf

More details to come!!

Here’s a closeup of the scarf:

I’ve created a Philadelphia Union Wallpaper available here! 🙂

Blow Kisses, Not Coke

While I do go out for a drink now and then, I am not into drugs nor do I find it attractive when people gloat on and on about drugs, or how completely shitfaced they got the other night or any of that. That being said, I do find this iPhone app mildly amusing. I am somewhat surprised Apple has let this one slide, seeing as though they’ve been pretty authoritarian in preventing questionable apps from making it onto their device.

The iSnort:

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

ff4ta-logoIn case you haven’t heard, SquareEnix is working on a follow up to, in my opinion, the greatest video game ever made, Final Fantasy IV. The After Years is a Wiiware title, but it was originally released in Japan as a cell phone game. I’m curious about this game, as it does contain most of the same characters that the original had.

According to Siliconera this Wii release will feature 4 player multiplayer support. Perhaps this will finally give me a reason to dust off my Wii!